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  • The Difference Between Lifts and Elevators

    The universal lifts and elevator have the same function, but there are still differences in structure and function.The most basic difference between an lift and a elevator is: the elevator has more capacity than a lift. Lifts are designed to transport only person, while elevators are designed to tra

  • The list of elevator maintenance

    In any commercial building, the elevator represents an important financial investment, so you must have a well-defined maintain program to ensure correct elevator maintenance. Next, you will see a list of universal elevator maintenance we provide, you can make it as a reference for maintenance.To ma

  • How best to clean elevator doors and panels?

    Elevators are usually assembled in larger shopping malls, office buildings, schools, and so on, so cleaning the commercial and residential lifts is a task that needs to be done well. So do you know how to clean the elevator quickly and efficiently?Here are a few simple techniques, which will make yo

  • How to Ensure that Passengers are Always Safe in Elevator

    The shaft is closed. Open doors, access doors and various holes in the wall of the hoistway are fitted with non-perforated doors. These doors can not open to the hoistway, the elevator is running in the closed and locked state. Each door has a switch with a safety contact to confirm the closing of t

  • Hengda DAZO Elevator in Russian International Elevator Exhibition

    April 25-17, 2017, 2017 Russian International Elevator Exhibition in the all-Russian exhibition center was opened. As the largest and most influential elevator industry exhibition in Russia, the Russian Elevator Week has been successfully held for seven times. The exhibition brought together the wel

  • Some Basic Functions of DAZO Elevator

    Running function set in the automatic state or the driver state, DAZO Elevator in response to the operation of the car during the command signal at the same time, automatically respond to the outside of the room call button signal, any service layer of passengers, can register the call signal call t

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