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The list of elevator maintenance

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In any commercial building, the elevator represents an important financial investment, so you must have a well-defined maintain program to ensure correct elevator maintenance. Next, you will see a list of universal elevator maintenance we provide, you can make it as a reference for maintenance.

To maintain dynamic elevator operation properly:

1 The response time of elevator

2 The travel time between floors

3 Make sure the starting and stopping of automatic lift is properly

4 Check the leveling of elevators

5 Hall and call lights and floor indicators

6 The door operation of automatic elevators

To maintain the physical condition of an elevator:

1 Keep the elevator is clean

2 Check the signage on the automatic lift

3 Check for and repair the interior of elevator

Maintenance of elevator support systems: 

1 Check emergency lighting and alarm in automatic lift

2 Check the walkie talkie or telephone can be used properly

Elevator performance and maintenance go hand in hand, you need regular inspection and maintenance of the elevator to ensure it can service for you for a long time. The property manager performs a regular comparison of the elevator functions and compares them with the manufacturer's specifications to assess overall system performance.


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