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The Difference Between Lifts and Elevators

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The universal lifts and elevator have the same function, but there are still differences in structure and function.

The most basic difference between an lift and a elevator is: the elevator has more capacity than a lift. Lifts are designed to transport only person, while elevators are designed to transport a person, their wheelchair or groceries within a single trip. The lift and elevator are self-contained equipment designed to meet different demands. For home elevators and chair lift, we introduce the following different features:

Home Elevator:

1 Uses: Can hold multiple passengers, wheelchair or single rider with multiple items

2 Capacity: Having higher capacity

3 Benefits: Can extend up to multi floors and offers more design options for the elevator car and drive system

4 Disadvantages: It needs extensive planning and more space for construction than lifts, so it needs regular maintenance

Chair Lift:

1 Uses: For passengers, or passengers with wheelchair

2 Capacity: A little less than the elevator capacity

3 Benefits: More economical, independent computer room is not required, usually for the battery power supply

4 Disadvantages: Is not suitable for people with advanced mobility needs, and still need regular maintenance

As we describe, an individual who is wheelchair-bound is not an ideal candidate for a chair lift. We also hold that chair lifts are not recommended for every user. You need according to the characteristics of your site to choose the suitable elevator or lift.


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