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Standard function

Running function

  • The Running Function Of Public Elevator

    Car arrival gong——Arrival gong on the car top advice passengers that elevator arrives.
    Attendant running——When there is no attendant who operate public passenger elevator, elevator will run to the destination floor according to the instruction of passengers automatically.
    Attendant running——The public elevators is operated by attendant, attendant press car calls as request of passengers and elevator will run to the destination floor according to the car calls.
    Automatic adjustment of door opening time——According to current registered landing call and call call situation, system will automatically adjust the door open holding time
    Door re-open at same floor——When door is closing, door can re-opened by pushing landing call button at current floor.
    Car arrival gong——Arrival gong on the car top advice passengers that elevator arrives.
    Car call cancel——If passengers press the wrong floor button in car, same button press it again can cancel the wrong register.
    Parking——When electric key switch is turn off, the public elevators enters into parking state, it will not serve to any landing call.
    Protection device for accidental movement of the car——In case of accidental movement that the car leaves the landing floor while the landing door is unlocked as well as the car door keeps open, protection device to prevent or stop such movement should be equipped.

Safety Function

  • The Safety Function Of Public Elevator

    Inspection operation——When vertical transport elevator enters into inspection state, car runs
    Light curtain protection——When light curtain is sheltered, door will stop closing at once and automatically open.
    Overload stop——When public passenger elevator is overload, elevator door keeps opening, buzz rings and elevator stops at the current floor.
    Inspection operation——When public passenger elevator enters into inspection state, car runs in jog state.
    Troubleshooting——Controller can record faults in memory to facilitate the fault elimination and restore elevator running.
    Auto-stop with fault——When there is any fault occurred in elevator running, when safety circuit is valid, elevator lands to the nearest floor.
    Repeat open / close door——On normal mode, after running door close command, if door inter-lock circuit isn't connected, elevator opens door and closes it again.
    Top/bottom limit and final limit protection——The devices can prevent public passenger elevator from crashing to the top or bottom of hoistway in case that elevator is out of control with fault it ensures the safety and reliability.
    Down running protection——When elevator runs down in over speed, this device cuts off the control power to stop the motor running .safety gear is motivated to force elevator to stop and ensure the safety.
    Up running protection——When public passenger elevator runs up in over speed, the device forces elevator to decelerate and braking.
    Safety circuit protection——When elevator circuit is break or contacts are adhered, elevator stops running at once.
    Door interlock protection——Only all doors are completely closed, elevator can run. when door interlock contacts are adhered, elevator stops running at once.
    Main contactor protection——System detects if the main contactor acts reliably, if any abnormal is detected, the China wheelchair or passenger elevator lift stops running at once.
    Brake detecting protection ——System detects the brake state, if there is any abnormal or braking contacts are adhered, public passenger elevator can't start running.

Human-machine interface

  • The Human-machine Interface Of Public Elevator

    Micro push button——C.O.P.and H.O.P. both adopts new micro push button.
    Running state display——System can indicates running direction, floor, door state, default, etc.
    No stop floor set——Set the no stop floor according to the customer' requirement.
    Homing floor set——Set the homing floor according to the customer requirement.
    Hoistway self-learning——Through hoistway self-learning, system can measure out the distance between every floor and record them permanently.

Energy Saving

  • The Energy Saving Of Public Elevator

    Fan & light automatic off——If there is no car call or landing call in a preset time, car inner fan and light will be turn off automatically.

Optional function

Running Function

  • The Optional Running Function Of Public Elevator

    Opposite door control——By setting opposite system can control it1 s action on
    Door close delay——Pushing the door open button in car can prolong the door open state for a period.
    Fire emergency return ——In fire emergency state, all landing calls are eliminated, public service elevator runs to the preset floor and open door.
    Duplex control function——This function is for two elevators’ duplex control, it can reduce waiting time and improve the running efficiency
    Opposite door control——By setting opposite system can control it 1s action on corresponding floor.

Human-machine interface

Monitor Function

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