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With the improvement of the economic development and people's living standards, old buildings to install elevators become increasingly urgent needs of society, people's lives become an important elevator vertical transportation tool, modular steel elevator hoistway integration is the solution of old buildings to install an modern elevators lifts in the most direct way. It is a new modern elevator products, has a broad market prospect.
DAZO elevator alter painstaking research and development of the framework of integrated elevator, obtained by the National Elevator Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhejiang) issued by the special equipment testing report, the report number: JT2015DT35004.



a. The modern hydraulic elevators is used for historical reasons due to the end of the reserve hoistway both old buildings to install elevators this particular place. Modern elevator rated speed of not more than 1.5m / s, the rated load of not more than 1000kg, landing no more than 9 floors and lifting height of not more than 40m.
b. To ensure the safety of the product, based on the manufacturing process technology innovation, steel elevator hoistway and elevator components (such as landing door, hosts, rails, etc.) in the manufacturing units will be assembled into one form of standard parts as one of the components of the elevator whole factory.
c. Modern elevators lifts the small overall footprint, compact structure, the net volume rate, environmentally friendly energy.
d. The frame integrated frame of the modern elevator, can be decorated according to user satisfaction requirements designed to conform to the architectural style and building renovation needs.



a.Manufacture and assembly of equipment most in the modern lifts factory is complete, simply hoisting of standard parts, connection, commissioning and equipment fixed work when the equipment arrives at the installation site. Therefore, on-site installation time is short, generally only 1-2 days, while other types of current elevator installation period of about 30 days.
b.The frame is not only applicable to all types of modern elevator lift integrated multilayer outer wall of the elevator installation, interior architecture can be flexibly applied to the installation of an elevator to use.
c.The frame integration without modern hydraulic elevator in a building separate elevator shafts, engine room, do not take up valuable space in the original building. Therefore, when the multi-storey buildings to install elevators, residents do not need to interfere with the relocation. And modern elevator installation fast and convenient, reduce the difficulty of the job, to shorten the construction period, reducing construction costs.
d.The framework applies to all types of multilayer integrated elevator installation of an elevator building illegal use, it is a good connection with a variety of brick buildings and concrete buildings.


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