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How best to clean elevator doors and panels?

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Elevators are usually assembled in larger shopping malls, office buildings, schools, and so on, so cleaning the commercial and residential lifts is a task that needs to be done well. So do you know how to clean the elevator quickly and efficiently?

Here are a few simple techniques, which will make your stainless steel elevators look great for a long time to come.

1 Keep your elevator clean

Keep your dynamic elevator clean is the first step. Because of the touch of a lot of people, or the accumulation of detergents, it makes the automatic elevators greasy and looks dirty. The best way to avoid the thick, greasy build on your electric elevator is to clean them regularly with a non-toxic, non-aerosol, PH neutral, bleach free and ammonia free cleaner that has strong degreasing abilities. Total clean is essential when cleaning stainless steel electric elevator as residues from soiling or polish oils must be fully removed when cleaning to allow stainless steel to sparkle.

2 Avoid Scratching your dynamic elevator while cleaning

While nearly every type of stain can be removed from stainless steel electric elevator, scratches are not easily fixed. Therefore, avoid scratches by never use a scouring pad with iron wire on your escalators and elevators surface! Try to use cotton cloth, paper towers, microfiber towels or soft sponge to clean elevator lift. 

3 Removing water marks from elevators

After you clean universal escalators, you must sure you have wiped the water left on the elevator. When stainless steel elevator stains, it is typically caused by moisture resulting in surface corrosion and ultimately rust. Surface corrosion on stainless steel elevator often appears as a brown mist, tea-leafing, water spots, or rust spots. When this happens, you can use the relevant detergent to clean it.

4 Elevator polishing

If you want your universal elevator keep clean and glossy for a long time, you can polish your stainless steel elevator. But before this step, make sure that the elevator is completely clean. A good stainless steel polish formulation has residual cleaning properties that reduce fingerprints and smudging between cleaning.


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