DAZO Elevator Co.,Ltd. is a professional elevator company who designs and manufactures complete DAZO Lift, escalators and moving walks, as well as elevator parts.
Our elevator sales in Asia has a wider range. Whether in bank, hotel, university, industry building, or office building, even in presidential palace, our elevators products are all involved in these areas. Some of our elevators, escalators and moving walks are universal, so that they can be widely applied in many places, customers needn’t worry that elevator lift will not match the building. Even if the appear mismatch situation, we will also take timely measures to solve it, of course, this situation is rare. About products and service, we will provide you the best in market, if you have any questions about our elevators and escalators, please contact us at any time.
Altadamon Altadamon Bank
GAMBIA Talab Building
Nairobi Kenya Panart Hotel
Nairobi University
SUDAN Central Bank of Sudan
Sudan Office Building
Sudan Presidential Palace
UGANDA Ministry Of Industry Building


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